Lost Boyz Press

BRE (Black Radio Exclusive): July 17, 1992

Island Beat:

Excerpt from Full Page Article Review - by Loren Smith

Conjuring up mystical images of Peter Pan's extra terrestrial posse following his winding trail, spreading the joys of music from one galaxy to another, Bermuda-based group, The Lost Boyz stand poised to set the music world ablaze with their ethereal blend of new jack, hip hop, rap and R&B Rhythms. Featuring the gospel trained vocals of Clive Francis, combined with the socially conscious raps of Marvin Trimm delivered against the backdrop of the scratching and sampling talents of DJ selector Marvin "Shy K" Simons, the Lost Boyz are determined to make their mark in the international music arena.

The Lost Boyz Project

The Lost Boyz Project, a Bermudian Group, comprised of Marvin Trimm, Clive Francis and Marvin "Shy K" Simons

  • Clive Francis - Lead Vocals, Writer, Co Vocal Arrangements,
  • Marvin Trimm - "Native Son" - Rap, Writer, Co-Vocal Arrangements
  • Marvin "Shy K" Simons - Turntable DJ, Mixes, Samples
  • Leland Hicks - Producer, Co-Writer, Programming, Engineer, Arranger, All Instruments

The Lost Boyz Project was created in 1992 in Bermuda and was a pilot project aimed at creating a buzz for to inspire the possibility of creating a Bermuda music recording industry.
These are few sample tracks as a result of the group's efforts extracted from 12 original compositions.