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Bola Sete - Black Orpheus Medley

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Bola Sete - Leland's Place -

Bola Sete's Live at Monterey Jazz Festival in 1996 is a classic.   South American jazz with some of the best percussion solos of all time.

My Dad used to listen to jazz when I was growing up and consequently as I started to take an interest in guitar, well, what ever was in the house collection of vinyl became my default listening library.  Among the artists that I never got tired of hearing was South American guitarist, Bola Sete.

Live at Monterey Jazz Festival

This is a live album and the energy comes through in spades.  This was recorded back when jazz artists took liberty to record tunes from 7 to 12 minutes and would really "stretch".  My favorite is the track the Black Orpheus Medley which is seventeen (17) minutes and morphs through a series of changes including a chop-filled percussion solo.

That one track is definitely worth the purchase and I strongly recommend it.  You can now download it from iTunes as an MP3.  Check out the video below of Bola Sete performing live, playing a Dizzy Gillespie tune.

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