Leland & Donald Byrd

The late Julian Hall (Bermudian lawyer extraordinaire) teamed up with the late Robert Stigwood (The Bee Gees mentor) and recruited a band of musicians that became known as The Group Bermuda. After their first major concert appearance at Bermuda’s, Summerfest ‘77, where Bermuda opened for Al Green, Tavares, Brass Construction, Wild Cherry, Ramsey Lewis and other notables, the group was signed to Elektra Asylum Records with Donald Byrd as their Producer.

Donald not only was the group's producer, but also he acted as quasi manager as well as teacher and instructor. As the group's recording sessions unfolded, Donald, the ultimate seasoned pro, was continuously challenging the group with theory and conceptual ideas that would slate the music for a fusion of island, contemporary, and commercial trademarks that he believed would lead to successful record sales.

During this period Donald took Leland under his wing and allowed Leland to co-produce some of the tracks and add ideas based on Donald's overall vision. Leland was afforded the opportunity to work with Wade Marcus (Horn Section Contractor), Cedar Walton, (Pianist), among other noteworthy musicians.

Unfortunately, this project was scrapped and the twelve tracks were recorded and never released

After the project ended, Donald and Leland remained friends and Donald continued giving his advice whenever time and schedules permitted.